Sleep Delivers

by The Second Sunrise

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First complete thought The Second Sunrise produced. All hail Ron "The Pimp" Vento.


released March 26, 2004



all rights reserved


Immediate Family Portland, Oregon

Immediate Family is what happens when I (Brett) work on something for so long that I learn to stop worrying and love the process again and again and again and

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Track Name: Die.. And While You're At It, Forget Me
Speak now before it's too late to say,
And regrets are nothing more than mistakes
(...But I'm missing myself again...)
Don't think everything will be how you left it,
If you ever come back here again.
Letting go lets you know where your faith lies
It's half in cut phone lines it's half an excuse that I've made
And what part does hope play in trying,
When everything and everyone agreed that they both shouldn't stay?

Nothing has happened according to plan.
Disjointed and distanced, "I think I forgot who I am..."
...A million miles away
This is the silence that tore noise apart.

You're making a difference but living it down
While I'm making assumptions and holding your face to the ground
I've promised you nothing at all...
You're not making this easy, I can't live knowing that you're alive...
"I'm watching to make sure you die"

(Make no mistake...)
Though your killing of me is becoming routine,
You're the reason I live...

Shut this down, shut me out before it's too late
Let this die, let me die...
"This time I promise I won't ever wake"

The decision that seperates truth,
Another chance that I lost just to thank you
About being believed and denied...
"This is growing up, this is growing apart..."
And the lines have all clearly been drawn
These mistakes are yours and yours alone
...But I still owe you everything

But I still owe you everything...

So wake yourself up...
This is the last time you'll forget my name...
I swear.
Track Name: A Story Aside
This is denial throughout tragedy,
An ending cued by guilt signed off with something to believe
(Step back to realize what is happening...)
...And nothing's worst than dissapointment,
Or dissapointing every single thing you love
A cycle started over just begun.
"And I'll start writing your story,
Knowing you'll be dead before I will be done..."

You're not alone...

Overreact, stop this from starting
Over and out of chances to relive
Signed off with something to believe in...
Starting over seems so easy...
Leaving faith lying in destiny
"..And nothing's worst."

Between the discontent and dreaming lies innocence lost long before
You'll be the end of life beginning, "Don't turn your back on me this time..."
...And I can't expect you to care what I say,
As these promises break; This is my point being made.
"This is more in just the way that you've forgotten why you're here,
A lesson learned before it had to be... "It had to be this way..."

Didn't all this used to be so much easier on us?
I have reason for regret, I forget everything I said...
To you, to let you let me down...
:::"You're making yourself one more person that, deserves the things they get.":::
But it's all over now...
Will the sunset silence scattered dreams tonight? To never see this light.
Before I wake could you please gouge my eyes and leave the world behind...
We make all our best mistakes under the influence of faith
This is our apprehension killed off by all of the best intentions
And if anything I see the end before I begin,
It should all work out by then, meaning the end.
Track Name: Pretense Against Our Reception
End this song, "I fear what I reflect..."
Tonight there will not be an ending.
Once letting words slip through not giving thought to anything or what they are meaning to you
You made me, "Save face or save yourself"
Tonight, I recognize myself.
Once left with words of hope, content in holding on to letting go.

And with this, our lesson will be over.
Taught well to fight what can't be ours.
In seeming like we're questioning this ending, gives thought to who we really are...
Open eyes, closed mine to envoke failure
"You can dream awake but it's not the same..."
Once let these words bleed through, for lending me this thought I am weighing it down onto you...

...Sleep not to be awake,
...Breathe only because you have to.
Define your strength and reenforce the doubts you thought you'd once lose.
Just finish what you've started...
Tonight, the world will let me down and understand we are forever...

Can you hear me?
Can you feel the way that distance works?
...I don't need to be awake
I never wanted it to be this way.

Kill the scene, last words lead to forgiving,
Make sense of what can't be retold.
Thank you for everything you left me with when recepetion was bought and sold...
This is ours not to reason why, we bleed together to feel alive...
Do you feel alive?

...Sleep not to be awake,
...Breathe only because you have to...
We were the first and last to leave before we came.
You don't have to...

This is the best I've ever had...
I died a thousand times, all wishing my intentions could survive
Start this again...
This is the end of everything.
You won't... Leave out...
This jealousy is envy.
Don't let this scare you, "You are so contagious..."
Track Name: AA Crash
This isn't happening...
This is the fullest point of empty, and I couldn't ask for more
(But who am I?)
But who am I to judge you? This night has made decisions on it's own...

And I'll wait this out, with an open mind
And desire not to lose myself constructing this night's lie
And I'll write this out, I'll make up your mind
'Cuz I'm sad to say that I've found my place and it's meaning less each time
(And I've made this clear, you've made this yours,
Your fault is becoming your shame...)

And don't you to lie to me...
'Till you've made sense of what's happening
How seldom are we silent? How long 'till we believe?
And I'm missing your persistance
While I'm giving this my best
Just make believe you're justifying everything you did...

I'd rather live without, then bleed this broken blood
I'd rather die alone, then die beside myself
...This is the best time that you'll ever have
...This is the only life you'll ever live
This is the rise before the fall.

Right now, we live for no one...

We'll paint this red, and we'll call it in the air
We'll sign off on the day you shed your skin,
Today your skin was shed.

Find your balance, lost and found your blues have been marooned,
No resolution, this is the rise before the fall
Track Name: This is Our Telephone Pole..
I am never coming home without you.
We worked too hard setting the standards for tommorow.
...And when you thought it couldn't get any worse,
It did.

This is where we reach the end,
And take this second, to let it happen.
You were right, I was wrong,
This divides when it's done.
...And it will never be the same without you.
To leave my better half behind, is to see this through tonight...

We'll take this farther,
We'll stop our time from running out.
I will need this night to end this day.
"I'm not ever coming home without you,
...I'm not ever coming home."
I will need this night to end this day.

Nothing gets clearer away from here,
We are moments closer to following through.
We bled our trust into tragedy,
We misled our youth into following you.
This is where we both stop laughing,
This is where it all falls apart.
This is an understatement for a tragic ending.
This has all been done...

"We'll take it farther without you"
This is building up for breaking down,
This is setting up the ways in which that I'll deny you.
This is wishing things were easier,
Than forcing something to believe in hoping I will find you.
This is division of our days and nights,
This is the moment where we both turn back to make sure that the other survived.
This is taking it too far to prove my point,
...And understanding that we're taking it farther.
We won't give time an excuse to move.
We won't give reasons for what we do.
We've finally got this figured out,
We've finally got you figured out